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Anna Karenina Part 2, Chapter 29

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Part 2, Chapter 29

  • Anna falls apart very visibly after Vronsky is thrown down.
  • Karenin offers to escort her out twice. Both times she refuses, and actually recoils in revulsion from his touch on her arm.
  • Anna listens to the conversation, trying to get news about Vronsky's well-being.
  • Finally an officer tells her group of friends that Vronsky is unhurt.
  • Anna starts to cry.
  • For the third time, Karenin offers to escort her out of the premises.
  • Princess Betsy tries to intervene, but Karenin insists on taking his wife home.
  • Anna is still visibly shaken.
  • As Karenin and Anna drive home in their carriage, he opens a conversation about Anna and Vronsky by rebuking Anna for her public display of distress and emotion regarding Vronsky.
  • Anna does not respond, and for a wild moment Karenin believes that all his suspicions are false, and that she's not in love with someone else.
  • Finally Anna tells her husband that she is in love with Vronsky, that she is his mistress, and that she hates Karenin.
  • Karenin freezes up, and all he asks is that Anna maintain appearances until he figures out what he wants to do.
  • Vronsky sends Anna a note. He's still going over tonight. Anna is excited to see him.
  • Karenin already feels like a distant memory to Anna.

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