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Anna Karenina Part 3, Chapter 32

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Part 3, Chapter 32

  • The next morning Nicholas is irritable and picks fights with Levin.
  • Levin wishes the two of them could have a heart to heart about Nicholas's upcoming death.
  • On Nicholas's third day in the house he challenges Levin on the new system of farming, deliberately comparing it to communism.
  • Levin has never been a communist.
  • The two brothers wind up arguing.
  • Nicholas says he regrets coming. He packs his things, and no matter what Levin says, he's made up his mind to leave.
  • Before he leaves, he asks Levin not to think too badly of him. Levin kisses his brother. This was the only sincere interaction between the two of them throughout Nicholas's entire visit.
  • Three days after Nicholas leaves, Levin runs into Kitty's cousin. Shcherbatsky asks him what the matter is, and Levin answers that all the joy in life is gone. Levin has begun to see death in everything.
  • Levin's only comfort is his work; he devotes himself wholeheartedly to the farm.

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