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Anna Karenina Part 3, Chapter 6

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 3, Chapter 6

  • Levin is excited when he goes home that night, bragging to his brother that they finished mowing the whole meadow, and that he's made a great friend in the old man.
  • Koznyshev's first reaction is that Levin needs to close the door—he's letting flies into the house. But he's happy to see his brother in such good spirits after his Arbeitskur, or "work cure" mowing with his men.
  • The two brothers eat, and Koznyshev mentions that Oblonsky has sent a letter to Levin.
  • The letter asks Levin to help Dolly on her country estate in Yergushovo.
  • Levin asks Koznyshev about his day, and Koznyshev replies that he solved two chess problems and thought about their argument last night.
  • Koznyshev says that the main disagreement between him and Levin is that Levin takes personal interest as the primary incentive to do stuff, while Koznyshev feels that education gives people an investment in the common good.
  • Koznyshev presents his conclusions to a completely inattentive Levin, who is still gloating about mowing the entire meadow. All he's worried about is that Koznyshev will ask him some question that shows he hasn't been paying attention.
  • Levin realizes that he forgot to ask about Miss Agatha's arm, which, Koznyshev says, is much better. Levin runs to check on her.

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