Study Guide

Anna Karenina Part 3, Chapter 7

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 3, Chapter 7

  • Oblonsky is in Petersburg, reminding the Ministry of his existence.
  • Dolly has taken the children to the country in order to cut down on expenses.
  • Earlier, Dolly had asked Oblonsky to check out the house in Yergushovo and make necessary repairs.
  • Oblonsky flubbed it, and Dolly has been stressed ever since arriving. Dolly relies on Matrona, the children's nurse, who manages to get hens, milk and better furniture.
  • Within a week, life became much more comfortable.
  • Dolly still has to worry about her six children's health and well-being, but that's fine. If she couldn't worry about her children, then she would have to think about her loveless marriage.
  • She feels happy and proud of her children.

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