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Anna Karenina Part 4, Chapter 14

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Part 4, Chapter 14

  • Levin is so deliriously happy that he doesn't feel like he should be alone for the next fourteen hours.
  • He winds up going to a Council meeting with Koznyshev.
  • Levin finds everything magnificent and believes that everyone is being especially nice to him tonight.
  • After the Council meeting, Sviyazhsky invites Levin home for tea. Levin thinks this is splendid and proceeds to talk everyone's ear off until they're more than sick of his company.
  • Levin is so excited that he has the hall attendant at the hotel tell him his life's story. They talk about love and marriage until the servant is called away.
  • Levin can't sleep but instead looks out the window, feeling perfectly in harmony with the entire world. At six in the morning he gets ready for the day and goes outside.

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