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Anna Karenina Part 4, Chapter 16

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Part 4, Chapter 16

  • Princess Shcherbatsky begins voicing all the pragmatic questions of the logistics of Kitty and Levin's wedding (i.e., when should they get married, etc.), which seems somehow out of keeping with the ecstasy Levin's been feeling.
  • Levin thinks the betrothal should be today and the wedding tomorrow, but that's out of the question for the Princess Shcherbatsky.
  • Everyone begins preparing for the wedding.
  • Levin has decided that before marrying Kitty, he must tell her two vital things. After asking her father's permission, he gives Kitty a diary with his confessions: one, he is not a virgin, and two, he is not a believer.
  • Kitty isn't so bothered about Levin lacking faith, but she really doesn't like the fact he's been intimate with other women. Still, she forgives him. Levin feels even more unworthy of her love now.

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