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Anna Karenina Part 4, Chapter 8

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Part 4, Chapter 8

  • That morning, Karenin performs two tasks. He receives a delegation from the provincial racial minorities currently visiting Moscow, and writes the promised letter to his lawyer, enclosing three letters from Vronsky to Anna.
  • Having settled on his course of action regarding his family, Karenin feels more comfortable in carrying out the lawyer's plan.
  • Oblonsky arrives and insists on seeing Karenin.
  • Karenin turns down the dinner invitation. Oblonsky looks at him kindly, and the two men have a chat about Anna. Oblonsky begs Karenin to talk the matter over with Dolly.
  • Finally Karenin relents and agrees to come to dinner.
  • The two then chat about Oblonsky's new department head.
  • Oblonsky dashes off after securing a promise from Karenin that he'll come to dinner.

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