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Anna Karenina Part 4, Chapter 9

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 4, Chapter 9

  • Oblonsky is late to dinner, and when he arrives, all the guests are sitting around awkwardly.
  • Oblonsky quickly smooths over the whole situation and gets everyone chatting amicably.
  • He leaves the dinner to check in on the drinks. In the hallway, he bumps into Levin. Oblonsky tells him that Kitty's here, and that Oblonsky will introduce Levin to Karenin.
  • Upon hearing that Kitty is in the room, Levin gets flustered and could care less about meeting the celebrated Karenin.
  • Both Kitty and Levin are filled with emotion when they meet again.
  • Oblonsky takes Levin over to meet Karenin. It turns out they've spent three hours on a train together before.
  • Oblonsky motions his guests towards the buffet.
  • Koznyshev, who is discussing the gradual annexation of Poland by the Russians, effortlessly transitions his conversation with Karenin and Pestsov from this deep intellectual topic to a humorous one (i.e., children).
  • Oblonsky asks if Levin has been doing gymnastics, and when Levin flexes his arm, his bicep is like a mound of steel.
  • Kitty asks Levin about bear hunting; her body language asks for forgiveness for her former mistreatment of him, and pledges her own love to him.
  • Levin launches into an entertaining story of the first time he met Karenin, on a train, when he blundered into Karenin's compartment wearing the sheepskin jacket of a much poorer man.
  • Listening to his brother, Koznyshev wonders what has happened. Tonight Levin is a confident entertainer: he's funny and self-assured, and unlike his usual self.
  • Levin feels as though he has grown wings, as though he's floating above all the Karenins and Oblonskys of the world.
  • Oblonsky puts Levin and Kitty next to each other during dinner.
  • The dinner party is a magnificent success—both the food and the conversation are excellent.

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