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Anna Karenina Part 5, Chapter 12

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Part 5, Chapter 12

  • Anna and Vronsky get bored and take a look at a smaller painting, which they both find incredibly charming.
  • Mikhailov had forgotten all about that painting because he had finished it three years ago—it's out only because some Englishman is expected to buy it.
  • The painting is of two boys fishing. One boy is focused on drawing the float out from behind a bush, while the other boy is lying on the grass dreaming.
  • Mikhailov feels uncomfortable looking at a painting completed so long ago, and he tries to get everyone to look at a different picture.
  • After the visitors leave Mikhailov continues to work on Pilate's Admonition.
  • Vronsky, Anna, and Golenishchev are animated on the way home, and talk at great length about the painter and his paintings. They are particularly impressed by the painting of the boys.
  • Vronsky resolves to buy it.

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