Study Guide

Anna Karenina Part 5, Chapter 17

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 5, Chapter 17

  • The hotel where Nicholas and Masha are staying is pretty gross. It was built with modern conveniences, but because its clients are all provincial and dirty, it has sunk even lower than the old-style hotels that were just dirty in the first place.
  • Levin meets Masha in the hallway and they go to meet Nicholas.
  • But before they move from their spot, Kitty comes out of the room. Masha becomes very embarrassed.
  • Kitty asks after Nicholas.
  • Levin goes to see Nicholas by himself. He is unprepared for what he finds. The room is filthy, and Nicholas is like a living corpse.
  • Levin is disgusted by his sick brother. He feels awkward and doesn't know what to say.
  • At the first opportunity, he goes and gets Kitty. She begs her husband to let her see Nicholas, arguing that she may be of some use.
  • When she sees him she is immediately full of compassion.
  • She takes charge of the situation.

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