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Anna Karenina Part 5, Chapter 32

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Part 5, Chapter 32

  • When Vronsky returns that night, Anna is still not at home. The servants tell him that she had gone out with some lady.
  • Vronsky is increasingly puzzled by Anna's behavior. Vronsky resolves to clear things up between them.
  • Anna returns with her aunt, Princess Barbara Oblonsky.
  • Vronsky is increasingly worried, but Anna ignores the signs.
  • Tushkevich arrives with a note from Princess Betsy expressing her regret that she can't come say good-bye to Anna.
  • Anna asks Tushkevich to procure a box for the opera, and then asks him to dine with them. Vronsky is amazed at the first request—Anna will see all of her former society friends at the opera.
  • Throughout dinner, Anna flirts aggressively with both Yashvin and Tushkevich.
  • After dinner, Vronsky tries to dissuade Anna from going to the opera, but she insists that it's harmless. It seems more like she refuses to accept her new position as a social outcast.
  • Anna looks absolutely beautiful in her evening dress, but all Vronsky feels is irritation.

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