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Anna Karenina Part 6, Chapter 10

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Part 6, Chapter 10

  • Veslovsky drives too fast, and the hunting party gets to the marsh while it is still hot out.
  • Both Oblonsky and Levin start concocting ways to separate themselves from Veslovsky.
  • Oblonsky suggests that Levin and Veslovsky go off to the right, while he goes to the left.
  • They separate.
  • Levin's first shots go off badly, and he shoots poorly for the rest of the day. He even stops expecting success, which Laska (the dog he's hunting with) seems to realize. She stops trying as well.
  • Levin and Veslovsky go off to meet Oblonsky, but they come across some peasants who invite them for vodka. Levin suggests that Veslovsky join them, and he does so.
  • Even without Veslovsky, Levin still shoots poorly.
  • When he finally meets up with Oblonsky, Levin has shot five birds and Oblonsky has shot fourteen.

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