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Anna Karenina Part 6, Chapter 15

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 6, Chapter 15

  • After going back to the house, Levin goes to find Dolly. She is punishing her little girl named Masha for misbehaving—we never find out exactly what Masha did.
  • Dolly finally asks Levin to speak his mind.
  • Dolly points out that everyone has noticed Veslovsky hitting on Kitty.
  • Levin feels better immediately, and says that he'll force Veslovsky to leave.
  • On his way to find Veslovsky, he orders a servant to prepare a carriage to go to the rail station.
  • Levin finds Veslovsky in his room, and tells him that a carriage is ready to take him away.
  • Veslovsky asks for an explanation, but Levin refuses. But when Veslovsky remembers Levin's big muscles and sees the look in Levin's eyes, he packs up and leaves (spouting French left, right, and center—a further sign, in this book, of his affectation and lying ways).
  • Oblonsky tries to talk Levin out of it, because it's so impolite and ridiculous to kick out a guest out of jealousy, but Levin won't change his mind.
  • At the end of the day, everyone is jolly except for the elderly Princess, who doesn't like Levin's brash behavior. Even so, when Levin thinks over his conduct, he realizes that he'd do the same thing again if it became necessary.

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