Study Guide

Anna Karenina Part 6, Chapter 21

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 6, Chapter 21

  • Vronsky asks to talk to Dolly. She notes that he's going bald.
  • Vronsky is concerned about legalizing his family situation. If, for instance, he has more children with Anna, they would all legally be Karenin's kids.
  • He begs Dolly to use her influence with Anna. Apparently, Anna refuses to talk about the situation every time Vronsky brings it up for discussion.
  • Vronsky says that he and Anna are bound together for life. Vronsky also talks of the many responsibilities he has assumed and speaks passionately about them.
  • Dolly suddenly realizes that Anna's new habit of narrowing her eyes always happens when a topic of conversation arises that Anna doesn't want to address. Dolly speculates that Anna is trying to shut her eyes to the world.
  • Dolly promises to try to talk to Anna.

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