Study Guide

Anna Karenina Part 6, Chapter 3

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 6, Chapter 3

  • Kitty tells Levin about the womanly gossip, and then asks his opinion on the Koznyshev/Varenka match.
  • Levin reminds Kitty that Koznyshev was in love with a girl who died, and then argues that having thrown himself into the spiritual life, nothing will recall Koznyshev to reality, not even Varenka.
  • The two of them converse in such a way that it's clear that they're a couple that has had many conversations. Kitty and Levin can leave certain things unspoken and yet understand one another perfectly.
  • Levin points out the Koznyshev is not as close to Kitty as Nicholas was.
  • Levin doesn't think that Koznyshev can fall in love, and expresses envy for the fact that duty comes before anything else for Koznyshev.
  • They chat for a bit about society and the common good, and then Kitty hands Levin a flower and tells him to count off he'll propose, he won't propose. The experiment goes awry because Kitty and Levin disagree over counting a little petal as a full petal.
  • Kitty's mother draws up next to them in the carriage, but they decide to continue on foot.

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