Part 6, Chapter 30

  • Sviyazhsky brings Levin over to a group that includes Vronsky.
  • Levin is so out of it that, when it's being discussed who else will stand in the election, he blunders by naming the two people who have already been nominated, Sviyazhsky and a fellow to whom we haven't been introduced, Nevedovsky. Both of whom are standing right next to Levin. It's clear he doesn't follow the election hype.
  • The guys who do follow that hype? Oblonsky and Vronsky: they compare the election to a great battle. Oblonsky suggests that they could bet on it like a race.
  • As the various noblemen walk off to hear the results, Koznyshev remarks to Levin alone that he can't believe how awkward and rude Levin is. He writes this off as Russia's greatest problem, that its people are so insensitive to what should be done. Koznyshev tells Levin that Levin is always saying everything is unimportant, but he still always messes up in the end.
  • Nevedovsky is elected Provincial Marshal to the great joy of the crowd, which follows him as closely as it had once followed Snetkov during the election.

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