Study Guide

Anna Karenina Part 6, Chapter 9

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 6, Chapter 9

  • The group comes to a small marsh that Levin does not want to stop at, but Oblonsky and Veslovsky insist on going down to shoot snipe there.
  • Levin stays with the vehicles.
  • It's a big loss of time.
  • They continue; Veslovsky does something stupid with his gun.
  • At the second marsh, Levin again wants to continue forward, but Veslovsky and Oblonsky want to go down.
  • Levin again stays with the vehicles.
  • After Veslovsky kills a snipe, he trades places with Levin.
  • Levin is just aiming at a woodcock when Veslovsky interrupts his shot.
  • When Levin turns around, the horses are in the swamp instead of on the road. Veslovsky had been watching Levin's shot instead of watching the vehicles, and he's let them get mired in the marsh.
  • Levin is further annoyed when neither Veslovsky nor Oblonsky help him get the horses back on the road.
  • Finally, they break for lunch.
  • After lunch, Veslovsky insists on driving the horses to make up for his mistakes. Levin is afraid that Veslovsky will strain the horses, but he succumbs to the happiness of his companions.

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