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Anna Karenina Part 7, Chapter 1

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 7, Chapter 1

  • The Levins have been in Moscow for more than two months (remember their plan to go there for the birth of Kitty's child), and Kitty's kid is way overdue.
  • Everyone is impatient and alarmed (especially Levin), except for Kitty, who is happy and calm.
  • She is leading a joyful life as she feels the love for her unborn child growing.
  • Kitty's only worry is that Levin is not himself when he's in the city. Instead of being calm, hospitable, and affectionate, like he is in the country, Levin is now irritable, on edge, and always in a hurry. In the country, he knows his place, but in the city, Levin is always anxious that someone will offend either him or Kitty.
  • The problem is that Levin has nothing to do in Moscow, since he doesn't gamble, go to gentlemen's clubs, or pursue young women. At the same time, writing his book (on Russian agricultural problems) doesn't occupy him in the city.
  • One advantage of city life is that the two of them don't fight.
  • Kitty meets Vronsky again at the home of Princess Mary. She blushes at first, but recovers her composure and behaves admirably.
  • Kitty tells Levin of the encounter. He is angry at first but cheers up when he realizes that the encounter confirms that Kitty no longer has feelings for Vronsky.

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