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Anna Karenina Part 7, Chapter 10

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Part 7, Chapter 10

  • Anna introduces Levin to her other guest, named Vorkuyev.
  • Levin feels perfectly at home with the elegance and naturalness of Anna's manners. He derives a great deal of pleasure from simply listening to her and conversing with her.
  • At one point, Vorkuyev argues that if Anna devoted as much energy to Russia's schoolchildren as she devotes to the little English girl she's taking care of, she would be doing Russia a great service.
  • Anna argues, looking at Levin, that energy flows only from love.
  • Levin agrees with her, saying that the reason many philanthropic institutions fail because they lack heart.
  • Anna has won over Levin. He's in love with her, and practically obsessed with her. He's extremely sad to leave.
  • When Anna says good-bye, she gives him a message for Kitty. Anna wishes to say that she is as fond as Kitty as before, and that she doesn't desire Kitty's forgiveness, because that would necessitate Kitty having to experience the same horrible things that Anna has.

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