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Anna Karenina Part 7, Chapter 11

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Part 7, Chapter 11

  • As Levin goes home, he continues thinking of Anna: everything they said to each other, each look on her face, each gesture.
  • Levin goes in to see his wife. She is sad and depressed because her sisters left after dinner, leaving her alone with no one to whom she can talk.
  • She asks him about his day, and soon learns that he met Anna.
  • Kitty busts into sobs when she realizes that Levin has fallen in love with Anna. She further chastises him for drinking and gambling.
  • Levin tells her that the longer they stay in the city, the more confused he gets, because there is nothing to do but eat, drink, and talk.
  • The two of them talk until three in the morning, when they are finally reconciled enough to sleep.

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