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Anna Karenina Part 7, Chapter 13

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 7, Chapter 13

  • That night, Levin sleeps soundly and easily.
  • At five in the morning, Levin wakes up to find Kitty out of bed and walking. She claims to be fine and goes back to bed.
  • At seven, she wakes Levin up and asks him to send for Miss Mary, the midwife. He gets up to go but is struck by the beautiful expression on her face. Levin believes he sees Kitty's soul.
  • Levin is leaving to fetch the midwife and the doctor when he hears Kitty moan painfully.
  • Involuntarily, Levin starts praying to the Lord to help them. Even though he has always been a non-believer, in this moment of extreme love and concern for his wife, he calls on God.
  • He reaches Miss Mary's and sends her over to Kitty. Miss Mary tells him to fetch the doctor, but that there's no hurry. She also tells Levin to pick up some opium (which, at the time, was a pretty common painkiller) at a pharmacy.

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