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Anna Karenina Part 7 Chapter 2

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 7 Chapter 2

  • Levin visits Kitty at eleven in the morning, before he leaves for the day. She tells him to call on the Bohls, even through making social calls makes him uncomfortable. She also asks him for more money. Levin looks annoyed at this, but Kitty asks innocently whether they're doing something wrong: the money just seems to be flowing out like water. Levin feels angry at himself, because he knows he's been doing a lot of the spending.
  • Kitty mentions that Dolly is in terrible financial difficulties, and Levin may have to team up with Prince Lvov to have a chat with Oblonsky.
  • He asks how she is feeling. She says that she's not at all afraid of giving birth.
  • City life is expensive. Although Levin was shocked at first, he has now gotten used to spending money like water, and not having any money in the bank.
  • Levin visits a friend named Katavasov, who had promised to introduce him to a famous scholar named Metrov.
  • Levin reflects that he's always had money in the bank, and now that it's come to an end, he doesn't quite know where to get more.

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