Study Guide

Anna Karenina Part 7, Chapter 22

By Leo Tolstoy

Part 7, Chapter 22

  • Oblonsky is confused by the strangeness of the conversation, and keeps dozing off as Countess Lydia reads. Finally Countess Lydia says, "he's asleep," but she is referring to Landau, not Oblonsky.
  • Without opening his eyes, Landau says that the person who arrived last, the person who wants something, should leave.
  • Oblonsky is so uncomfortable that he forgets to ask about either his cabinet post or his sister's divorce, and just gets out of there.
  • He heads to the French Theater, where he feels much more comfortable.
  • The next day he gets a letter from Karenin definitely ruling out divorce. Oblonsky is certain that this is thanks to whatever Landau might have said in his "sleep."