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Anna Karenina Part 7, Chapter 24

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 7, Chapter 24

  • Anna and Vronsky are in a good mood, but it rapidly degenerates when they argue over when to leave for the country.
  • Anna is adamant that they leave on Monday or never. Her anger is fueled by the fact the Vronsky must visit his mother, with whom a certain young princess is staying.
  • In the midst of their argument, Anna says that respect was invented to hide the empty place where love ought to be.
  • Anna argues that all she wants is his love, and Vronsky argues that he has sacrificed everything for her.
  • Anna leaves the room, believing everything to be finished since she no longer has Vronsky's love.
  • Anna tries to figure out her next move, finally deciding that only her death would secure Vronsky's love and suffering. She fantasizes about Vronsky's feelings after her imagined death.
  • Vronsky comes into her room, agreeing to everything.
  • Anna bursts into tears, telling Vronsky that he doesn't love her, and that she gives him his freedom.
  • Vronsky reassures her tenderly, weeping. Anna's jealousy turns into tenderness.

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