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Anna Karenina Part 7, Chapter 27

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 7, Chapter 27

  • Anna is filled with horror, convinced that he is gone forever.
  • She sends the coachman with a note for Vronsky, saying that she's to blame and asking him to come back because she's afraid.
  • Afraid to be alone, she goes to the nursery, and is startled when, instead of Seryozha, she is confronted by a plump little girl whose laughter reminds her of Vronsky.
  • Anna looks at the clock, estimating that Vronsky has already received the note.
  • She decides that when he returns, he can't see that she's been crying. She wants to put her appearance in order, but can't remember if she brushed her hair or not.
  • Anna feels her hair. It has been brushed, but she doesn't trust the evidence of her hands. She goes to a mirror. It's brushed.
  • She doesn't recognize the face staring back at her from the mirror. She recalls Vronsky's kisses all over her body and shudders.
  • She realizes that she's going out of her mind.
  • Anna enters her bedroom, where Annushka is cleaning.
  • She doesn't know what to say, but the maid prompts her. Anna had planned to go to Dolly's.
  • Anna's thoughts are still with Vronsky. Why hasn't he come back yet?
  • The messenger returns. He wasn't able to catch Vronsky, and he hands back her note.
  • Anna looks at the note, confused, before realizing that Vronsky obviously didn't receive it. She instructs the messenger to take the note to Countess Vronsky's.
  • She decides to go to Dolly's house, but before she leaves, she writes a telegram to Vronsky asking him to return at once.
  • Anna dresses, then, crying, asks Annushka for advice. The maid tells her that she will feel better once she leaves.
  • She takes the carriage to the Oblonskys' house.

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