Part 7, Chapter 29

  • Anna gets in the carriage feeling even worse. She feels that Kitty insulted and rejected her, and that she's jealous of Anna's exchange with Levin. A man raises his hat to Anna, thinking that she is an acquaintance, and Anna reflects that all of her relationships are like that: no one knows her, not even Anna herself. She finds everything vile, that life is all a struggle and a lie.
  • Anna is relieved, however, that she didn't spill her heart to Dolly. She feels that Dolly would have rejoiced that Anna got her just desserts.
  • Anna falls into another internal monologue. She feels the full truth of what Yashvin said about wanting to strip the other man of the shirt off his back. She believes that all humans want to hurt each other as much as possible.
  • When Anna returns home, there is a telegram from Vronsky, informing her that the earliest he can return is ten o'clock.
  • Anna is infuriated, not realizing that he only received her telegram and not her note. Imagining him making small talk with his mother and the young eligible princess, she resolves to go to him herself.
  • She is revolted by her surroundings, and immediately sets to packing with no intention of returning to the house.
  • She gets into the carriage and orders it to the railway station.

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