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Anna Karenina Part 7, Chapter 3

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Part 7, Chapter 3

  • Since taking up residence in Moscow again, Levin has renewed his friendship with a university friend, Professor Katavasov, whom he hasn't seen since his marriage to Kitty.
  • Katavasov introduces Levin to this important scholar, Metrov, by talking about Levin's book on "the natural conditions of the worker" (7.3.5), which is now not only on agriculture, but also contains some natural history about the place of the worker in relation to his environment.
  • Levin is eager to discuss his own ideas, but every time he tries to talk directly to Metrov, Metrov talks over him, refusing to listen to anything but himself.
  • Levin's primary objection to Metrov's work is that he only considers the Russian worker in terms of economics and income—he never considers the character or place of the Russian worker. Levin's views are influenced by zoology, says Katavasov, the study of animals, of which he considers mankind to be just one kind.
  • The three men attend a meeting of the Society of Amateurs, during which Levin declines Metrov's offer to read his book. He also declines further socializing with Metrov, because he perceives that, while Metrov is important, he, Constantine Levin, is also important. Why should he have to sit back and listen to Metrov endlessly?
  • Levin goes to visit Prince Lvov, the diplomat married to Kitty's sister, Nataly.

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