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Anna Karenina Part 8, Chapter 5

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 8, Chapter 5

  • Vronsky is pacing up and down, his hands thrust into his coat pockets. He ignores Koznyshev's approach, but Koznyshev doesn't mind. Since Vronsky is contributing to what Koznyshev considers a great cause, he believes it his duty to praise and encourage Vronsky.
  • Koznyshev admits that Vronsky may not want to see him, but he offers to help Vronsky any way he can.
  • Vronsky is apathetic.
  • Koznyshev offers to write Vronsky letters of introduction to various contacts.
  • Vronsky refuses, saying that there's no need for introductions if he's just going to meet death.
  • Koznyshev persists, but Vronsky argues that his only virtue as a man is that his life means nothing to him.
  • Koznyshev continues to misunderstand what Vronsky is talking about, and continues praising the cause and Vronsky's contributions.
  • As Vronsky continues walking, he suddenly thinks of Anna as he last saw her, a corpse stretched out in front of strangers, her head still proud and beautiful.
  • Vronsky tries to remember all their best moments together, but he can't escape the thought of Anna carrying out her final threat to him—inflicting remorse.
  • He almost breaks into sobs, but collects himself.
  • Vronsky and Koznyshev discuss the war in Serbia calmly, and then separate into different carriages.

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