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Anne's Schoolmates in Anne of Green Gables

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Anne's Schoolmates

Ruby Gillis

One-quarter of Anne's squad, Ruby is prone to fits of crying whenever anything exciting happens. Her goal is to have a lot of boyfriends when she grows up. Dream big, Ruby.

Jane Andrews

The last member of Anne's squad, Jane's the most practical of the bunch. Her plan is to never marry and, instead, to make money as a teacher. Both Jane and Ruby go with Anne to Queen's.

Josie Pye

Josie Pye mostly exists to annoy everyone else. She's always saying something that seems to poke at her listener's weak spot. She's the girl who dares Anne to walk the ridgepole of the Barry's roof. Not cool, Josie. She also attended Queen's, and liked to remind everyone that she had the money to attend for two years instead of one. We would not want to run into her at a party.

Charlie Sloan

We don't know much about Charlie, except that he has a crush on Anne. So he has good taste.

Moody Spurgeon

An aspiring minister with an unfortunate name, Moody is part of the Avonlea crew that goes to Queen's. The poor guy almost has a nervous breakdown before the Entrance exam, but luckily Anne talks him out of it.

Prissy Andrews

One of the oldest girls in the Avonlea school when Anne first enters the scene. She's being not-so-secretly courted by their teacher, Mr. Phillips…which is more than a little gross.

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