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Avonlea Townsfolk in Anne of Green Gables

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Avonlea Townsfolk

Mrs. Barry

This woman is the mother of Diana and a baby named Minnie May. She's very strict with Diana, and forbids her from seeing Anne after Anne accidentally gets Diana drunk.

Actually, we kind of don't blame her for that. Besides, she forgives Anne when Anne saves Minnie May.

Minnie May Barry

Minnie May's Diana's baby sister. She almost dies from croup, but Anne flies to the rescue and saves her.

Jerry Buote

Jerry's a French hired boy who helps Matthew on the farm. (Though we bet Anne could do a lot of his farm work if given the opportunity.)

Stella Maynard and Priscilla Grant

Both girls are Anne's new friends at Queen's. They're nice, but Diana remains Anne's bestie—we mean, bosom friend.

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