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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Anne's Apology

  • The standoff continues. Anne spends an entire day in her room, unwilling to apologize.
  • Seeing her supper tray return mostly untouched, Matthew sneaks into Anne's room and asks her to give in.
  • Anne agrees, saying she'd do anything for Matthew. (Aww.)
  • Anne tells Marilla she's ready, much to Marilla's relief. Marilla walks her to Mrs. Lynde's, and Anne starts to look excited instead of sorry. Marilla asks her what she's thinking about and Anne says she's planning what to say.
  • When she sees Mrs. Lynde, Anne kneels before her and recites a heartfelt apology, saying it will be her "lifelong sorrow" if Mrs. Lynde doesn't forgive her. Because when Anne does anything, she commits.
  • In fact, Marilla starts to feel like her punishment failed because Anne is enjoying it too much.
  • Mrs. Rachel Lynde only hears the sorrow in Anne's voice and is totally won over.
  • When Anne leaves to pick flowers, Mrs. Lynde says that even though Anne is odd, she sees why Marilla wanted to keep her. She thinks it's better to have a child with a temper that cools down quickly than to have a sly, underhanded kid.
  • Anne's pretty happy on the walk back. She talks Marilla's ear off about flowers, the stars, and how happy she is to have a home.
  • Plus, she holds Marilla's hand, which gives Marilla an unfamiliar warm feeling. Love, maybe? Or tenderness, at least.

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