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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Anne's Impressions of Sunday School

  • Marilla has made some clothes for Anne. But unfortunately for Anne, they're very plain. The best thing Anne can think to say about them is that she will imagine that she likes them.
  • Anne tells Marilla she was hoping for a dress with puffed sleeves. Puffed sleeves = trendy in the mid- to late-1800's (not to mention the1980's). Marilla thinks Anne's desire is vain. She thinks clothes should be functional and nothing else.
  • Marilla isn't feeling well, so she sends Anne to church by herself. She tells Anne to stop by Mrs. Lynde's and ask her where the family pew is.
  • Anne leaves the house embarrassed of her plainness, but soon comes up with a crafty solution. She picks a bunch of flowers and puts them in her hat, so it looks like a flower wreath.
  • Even though Anne might've looked boho chic by today's standards, the Avonlea girls in her Sunday school class think she looks ridiculous.
  • When Anne returns home, she tells Marilla she didn't like Sunday school. Marilla is shocked. Then Anne goes into one of her speeches, telling Marilla all her thoughts about church and Sunday school.
  • Some of Anne's thoughts: Mr. Bell's opening prayer was too long, the minister's sermon was uninteresting because he doesn't have enough imagination.
  • Marilla secretly agrees with Anne but would never let her know.

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