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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

A Solemn Vow and Promise

  • Marilla hears about Anne's flower crown at church and scolds Anne about it. Anne's upset because she had no idea that would have made Marilla mad.
  • Marilla takes Anne next door to visit a girl her age, Diana Barry. Anne's nervous Diana won't like her but Marilla says it's Diana's strict mother that Anne should be worried about.
  • When they arrive, Mrs. Barry sends Diana and Anne outside into their gorgeous flower garden.
  • Anne immediately asks Diana if she will swear to be her friend forever. Wow, Anne. Get to know a girl first.
  • After Anne explaining that swearing an oath is not the same thing as cursing, Diana agrees. They say their oath, and Diana says that Anne is "queer" (meaning weird), but she likes her anyway.
  • On the walk home, Anne happily tells Marilla about the many plans she and Diana have made.
  • Then Matthew shows up with chocolates from the store. Jackpot! Marilla's annoyed but lets Anne have them. Anne asks Marilla if she can give half of them to Diana.
  • That night, Marilla tells Matthew that she's glad Anne's generous, because she hates stingy children. And she grudgingly admits she's getting fond of Anne.

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