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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

A Concert, a Catastrophe, and a Confession

  • Diana signals Anne to come over (they have a signal system by flashing light into each other's windows). When they do, Diana tells her she wants to take Anne to the Debating Club concert for her birthday. Anne can stay overnight and they can sleep in the spare room, which Anne considers a high honor.
  • Only problem? Marilla won't let Anne go.
  • Matthew disagrees with Marilla. His strategy for convincing her? Repeating over and over "I think you ought to let Anne go" until Marilla gives in. The strategy works.
  • The winter drive is beautiful, the concert is fun, and Anne and Diana get back to the Barry house at eleven, when everyone's already in bed.
  • Anne suggests that they race: whoever gets to the spare room bed first wins. But when they jump on the bed, they find themselves on top of an angry old woman who's already in there.
  • It's Diana's great aunt Josephine, who must have arrived in town early.
  • The next day, Anne visits Mrs. Lynde, who tells her that Josephine's furious with the whole Barry family. She's leaving early and no longer wants to pay for Diana's music lessons.
  • Anne apologizes to Josephine, and her over-the-top apology amuses the woman. She decides to forgive Diana and stay if Anne will visit her.
  • Anne and Josephine become friends. When Josephine leaves, she hopes Anne will visit, and promises her she can stay in her spare room.

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