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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

A Good Imagination Gone Wrong

  • The chapter opens by describing a beautiful spring where the kids of Avonlea have a grand ol' time picking flowers. Anne tells Marilla all about their escapades, and also mentions that it's the year anniversary of her coming to Green Gables.
  • Marilla tells Anne to go to the Barry house to ask for an apron pattern for Diana's mother.
  • Anne asks if she can go in the morning. It turns out she and Diana have been pretending that the wood between their homes is haunted. Anne says she doesn't believe her imaginings in the daylight, but it's different when it's dark.
  • Marilla decides to "cure" Anne of letting her imagination go too wild, and marches her outside, forcing her to walk into the woods.
  • Anne walks through the woods, imagining goblins reaching for her the whole time. It doesn't help that that woods is already pretty creepy, with wailing wind and bats flying around.
  • On her walk back, Anne closes her eyes the whole time.
  • Anne tells Marilla that she'll be happy with commonplace places after this.

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