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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

A New Departure in Flavorings

  • Ch-ch-changes in Avonlea. Mr. Phillips (Remember him? The mediocre teacher?) is leaving the Avonlea school and the church is getting a new minister, who has a wife.
  • Said wife, Mrs. Allan, takes over Anne's Sunday school class and lets the students ask her questions, so of course Anne loves her.
  • Marilla decides to invite the Allans over for supper and tells Anne she can make a cake.
  • Anne gets a little obsessive over the cake. She's made good cakes before, but she's worried she'll screw it up somehow.
  • The day of the visit arrives. Anne has a cold, but her cake rises the right way and she arranges a bunch of flowers for the table, so things are looking up.
  • Dinner goes well, but when Mrs. Allan tries the cake, she gets a funny expression.
  • Marilla figures out that instead of vanilla, Anne accidentally flavored the cake with anodyne liniment, a painkilling medicine that involves morphine and alcohol. Awkward.
  • Anne runs to her room, but Mrs. Allan is very kind about the whole thing and the night ends well.

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