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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

An Unfortunate Lily Maid

  • Anne and her friends are trying to act out Tennyson's poem "Lancelot and Elaine," which involves a dead Elaine floating to Camelot. Anne's friends nominate her to be the dead girl because she won't be scared floating on a flat down a river. They push the flat into the river and run to a lower spot where they will meet her, pretending to be King Arthur and Guinevere.
  • The only problem is the flat is leaking. Anne climbs onto a pile of tree trunks before the flat sinks. The tree trunks are slippery…and in the middle of the water. Anne is stuck.
  • Meanwhile, Anne's friends see the flat sink and freak out. They run to get help, but think that Anne has already drowned.
  • Anne's holding on with her arms and wrists, which are getting cramped. They almost give way, then who comes rowing under the bridge but Gilbert Blythe?
  • Gilbert helps Anne into his boat and rows her onto the landing. He tells her that he's sorry for making fun of her hair long ago, and asks if they can be friends.
  • Anne's as cold as ice. She refuses, and Gilbert leaves angry.
  • Anne's friends find her and are very relieved. Marilla is less relieved and more annoyed. But Anne points out that each of her mishaps have helped her learn something, and this one has cured her of being romantic.
  • Matthew tells Anne not to give up all of her romance.

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