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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

An Epoch in Anne's Life

  • Aunt Josephine invites Anne and Diana to visit her and attend the Exhibition, which is like a giant fair.
  • Diana schemes to have her parents to ask Marilla so she'll let Anne go.
  • Marilla relents, just like she has recently relented on fashionable clothes. (Anne has a bunch of them now.)
  • Anne and Diana stay in Aunt Josephine's mansion, which is called Beechwood.
  • The Exhibition is fun—Anne and Diana watch Avonlea folks win prizes for cooking and farming. They also watch a horse race and have their fortunes told.
  • They get to sleep in Aunt Josephine's spare room, but it's a disappointment compared to the majesty of spare rooms in Anne's imagination.
  • The next night, they see a singer perform opera, which makes Anne cry. Then they eat ice cream.
  • Diana says she was meant for city life, but after thinking about the issue, Anne decides she likes Green Gables better.
  • Marilla definitely prefers Anne to no Anne. When Anne returns, Marilla tells her she's glad to see her and greets her with a homey chicken dinner.

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