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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

The Queen's Class is Organized

  • One evening, Anne comes home to a very tired Marilla. Marilla hasn't been feeling well lately and thinks she needs to get her glasses changed.
  • Marilla tells Anne that Miss Stacy came to visit Green Gables, but can't get further with her story. First, Anne gets sidetracked talking about growing up, and then Anne thinks she's in trouble for reading Ben-Hur during class and tells Marilla that whole story.
  • Finally she lets Marilla speak. Marilla tells her that Miss Stacy wants Anne to be part of a class of elite students who stay after class to prepare for Queen's.
  • Anne's thrilled. She didn't think she'd be able to go because of the expense, but Marilla and Matthew have put money away for her education.
  • The only problem? Diana's parents won't let her go to Queen's. So Anne has to prep without Diana.
  • Did we mention Gilbert's in the class? Anne's favorite enemy. He's been ignoring Anne since she snubbed him at the river. Anne, by the way, regrets what she said, but would never admit it.
  • Studying's hard in the spring, but summer vacation finally begins.
  • Marilla misses a ladies aid meeting, which is a big deal for her. When Mrs. Lynde comes over to find out what's wrong, Marilla tells her Matthew's been having bad heart "spells." Which doesn't sound good. He's supposed to avoid excitement.
  • Anne serves Marilla and Rachel tea and biscuits. They talk about how good Anne is at cooking now, and how helpful she's become for Marilla.
  • Quite the change from the beginning of the story.

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