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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Where the Brook and the River Meet

  • Anne gets to spend her summer almost completely outdoors. She considers it her last summer of being a child, and Marilla lets her run free because a doctor told Marilla she's too pale and needs fresh air.
  • Anne has a conversation with Marilla about how some people make her want to be good, but Mrs. Lynde's lecturing makes her want to be the opposite. Marilla admits that she feels the same way.
  • Anne's Queen's prep class studies for (and worries about) the entrance exams that will determine whether they'll get in to the school.
  • Marilla notices how tall Anne has gotten and how grown up she looks. She actually cries to Matthew about how much she'll miss her.
  • Marilla asks Anne why she doesn't use big words anymore. Anne says there's so much to learn now that she doesn't have time for big words.

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