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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

The Pass List is Out

  • It's the end of year: time for the entrance exams. Anne travels to Charlottetown to take them.
  • In a letter to Diana, Anne describes everyone's initial fear right before the test starts, and how she thinks she's done on the tests so far.
  • She (not-so-) secretly wants to beat Gilbert. All the kids in town are waiting to find out who scores higher.
  • The pass list is supposed to come out in the paper. Anne waits in agony for three weeks.
  • Diana manages to get her hands on a paper from a nearby town and runs it to Anne. Anne tied with Gilbert for first place, out of everyone on Prince Edward Island. Woo-hoo!
  • Before they leave to tell their friends, Anne finds Matthew, Marilla, and Mrs. Lynde near the house and gives them the news first.
  • Matthew says he knew it, Marilla tries to hide her extreme pride, and Mrs. Lynde says, very sincerely, "We're all proud of you." (32.46)

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