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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

The Hotel Concert

  • Near the end of Anne's summer before Queen's, she's asked to speak in a big concert at the White Sands Hotel.
  • Diana spends time dressing her up beautifully, and she, Diana, and Jane ride to White Sands with a local boy at the wheel.
  • When they get there, Anne is escorted to the performers' dressing room, full of ladies in way fancier clothes. Then she's seated near a girl who makes fun of the local talent, calling everyone "rustic." Poor Anne feels like a joke.
  • When she gets up to speak, she's consumed by stage fright. Gulp.
  • She sees Gilbert in the audience and resolves not to fail in front of him. Whatever works?
  • Anne recites so well she gets an encore.
  • Afterward, she's introduced to all the other performers and they have supper. Everyone's happy.
  • On the way home, Diana and Jane long for the lifestyles of the rich hotel ladies, but Anne says she'd rather have her tiny string of pearls given with love from Matthew than diamonds.

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