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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

A Queen's Girl

  • Anne catches Marilla crying as she is getting Anne ready for Queen's. Marilla wishes Anne could have stayed a little girl, but Anne reassures her she'll always be her Anne inside.
  • The first day at school presents new challenges: a medal for the top of the class upon graduation. Of course, both Anne and Gilbert are trying for it. They're both taking extra classes to finish in one year instead of two.
  • When Anne reaches her bedroom at the boardinghouse, she cries from homesickness. She is so homesick that she's actually happy when Josie Pye visits her.
  • Anne and Ruby visit too, and mention another goal to try for: The Avery Scholarship, which will guarantee the winner a full ride to Redmond College. Anne hadn't thought about a B.A. before, but decides to go for it.

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