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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

The Glory and the Dream

  • The final results are about to be posted and now Anne's worried.
  • Then she and Gilbert are cheered. Gilbert wins the medal but Anne wins the scholarship.
  • At commencement, Marilla, Matthew, and Aunt Josephine talk about how glad they are that they kept Anne, and how proud they are of her.
  • Anne goes home reunites with Diana temporarily. She'll be starting at Redmond College in the fall.
  • Marilla and Matthew aren't doing so well. Matthews been having a lot of problems with his heart, and Marilla has pain behind her eyes. Also, the bank that's holding all their money is in trouble.
  • Anne has a beautiful day traipsing around Avonlea. At night, seeing Matthew walking slowly and bent, Anne wishes she were a boy so she could help him. But Matthew tells her that he'd rather have her than a dozen boys.

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