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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

The Reaper Whose Name is Death

  • It doesn't take long for this chapter to live up to its title. Matthew collapses the next morning and he's dead before the doctor arrives.
  • Everyone visits Green Gables that day. Anne feels strangely achey but can't cry. Diana offers to sleep with Anne but Anne says no.
  • Anne wakes up in the middle of the night and cries. Marilla comes into her room and they cry together. Marilla says that even though she was stricter with Anne than Matthew, she loves her just as much.
  • After the funeral, everyone returns to their routine. Whenever Anne has moments of smiles and laughter, she feels guilty.
  • Marilla tells Anne she's going to see the doctor about her eyes, and eventually, their talk turns to the subject of Gilbert Blythe.
  • It's not what you think—Marilla doesn't know about the Anne/Gilbert rivalry. Apparently Marilla used to be courted by Gilbert's father, but they got into a fight and Marilla was too proud to forgive him. She's always wished that she had.

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