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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Marilla Makes Up Her Mind

  • When Marilla explains their predicament to Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Spencer suggests that they give Anne to a woman named Mrs. Blewett, who needs help taking care of her children.
  • Marilla's not so sure. Mrs. Blewett has a reputation for being mean and stingy. Her ex-servants have spread stories about her temper. Not a good sign.
  • Mrs. Blewett happens to be walking up to the house for a visit. When introduced to Anne, she makes it clear she'd never see Anne as more than a servant, plus makes the creepy comment that "wiry ones are the best." (6.19)
  • Marilla sees the look on Anne's face and realizes she'll be haunted by it for the rest of her life if she doesn't step in. She claims she has to talk the situation over with Matthew and takes Anne back home.
  • Anne's grateful and says Mrs. Blewett looked like a gimlet. (Not sure that means what you think it means, Anne. Try a gremlin or goblin.) Anyway, Marilla responds by lecturing Anne about respecting her elders.
  • Later that evening, Marilla fills Matthew in. Matthew says he wouldn't give a dog he likes to Mrs. Blewett.
  • Marilla tells Matthew she's cool with Anne staying, but makes him promise he won't interfere with her parenting methods, which is pretty much a dream for Matthew. He gets to hang out with Anne without doing the hard stuff.
  • Marilla decides not to tell Anne until the next day.

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