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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Anne Says Her Prayers

  • That night, Marilla instructs Anne on how to act at bedtime, i.e. fold her clothes and say her prayers.
  • Anne tells Marilla that she never says her prayers. Marilla Cuthbert is, once again, surprised. Anne goes on to explain that she knows who God is but ever since Mrs. Thomas told her God made her hair red on purpose, she's been mad at him.
  • Marilla tells Anne to thank God for her blessings and ask humbly for things she wants, so Anne asks God to let her stay at Green Gables and to make her good-looking when she grows up.
  • She signs off "yours respectfully, Anne Shirley." Mic drop.
  • Marilla tells Matthew later about the episode. She vows to get Anne a prayer book, and thinks about how her life has been easy until this point, but now her "time has come at last." (7.30)

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