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Anne of Green Gables Chapter 8

By L.M. Montgomery

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Chapter 8

Anne's Bringing-Up Has Begun

  • Anne makes it through morning chores without Marilla revealing her fate, but finally decides it would be easier to know than wonder, and asks Marilla whether she's decided if she can say.
  • When Marilla says yes, Anne's so happy she cries. But Marilla isn't the sentimental type, and tells Anne she cries and laughs too easily.
  • Anne asks if she can call her Aunt Marilla. Marilla says no, because she isn't her aunt. Anne asks if they could imagine she is, and Marilla says she doesn't believe in imagining things differently from how they are. Probably the biggest difference between these two characters.
  • Marilla starts Anne's education by telling her to memorize The Lord's Prayer. Anne goes to retrieve the prayer but doesn't return.
  • Marilla looks for her and finds Anne gazing dreamily at the hallway picture: "Christ Blessing the Little Children." Anne had gotten lost in imagining she was one of them.
  • Remember how Marilla doesn't believe in imagining? She's not sympathetic. Back to The Lord's Prayer for Anne.
  • But (surprise, surprise) Anne gets sidetracked again and asks Marilla if she might find "a kindred spirit" in Avonlea. Marilla says the neighbor has a girl named Diana, who is Anne's age.
  • Anne launches into the stories of her former "friends," both imaginary: Katie Maurice, her reflection that she used to pretend was another girl, and her echo, who she pretended was a friend named Violetta.
  • Exhausted, Marilla sends Anne to her room to finish learning the prayer.
  • Anne sits in her room and—you guessed it—imagines things instead. But then she thinks about how she is now Anne of Green Gables, and is happy to be "of" somewhere.

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