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The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra Act IV, Scene v

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Act IV, Scene v

  • At Antony’s camp, a wounded soldier conferences with Antony and Eros. Antony admits he wishes he had followed the advice to fight first on land, and not at sea.
  • The soldier, saucy, suggests that maybe if they’d fought on land in the first place, the kings and the man that left this morning might still be on their side.
  • Antony asks who it was that left, only to hear the sad news that his dear friend Enobarbus has joined Caesar’s camp. Ouch.
  • Eros points out Enobarbus left his treasure behind. Antony, a bit shocked, orders that Enobarbus’s clothes and treasure be sent after him, with a kind note from Antony, wishing that Enobarbus should never again feel forced to change masters.
  • Antony is disappointed in himself, saying his bad fortune has led honest men to become traitors.

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