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Janie Loomis in Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

By Judy Blume

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Janie Loomis

Janie Loomis is a member of the PTS and has the unfortunate honor of being the last one to get her period. In a club that's primarily centered around boobs, boys, and monthly bleeding, this isn't a coveted position. And unfortunately for Janie, this is one of the main things we know about her, since whe just doesn't feature that prominently in the book.

On the upside, though, when Janie is featured, she comes across as a nicer and more approachable friend to Margaret than Nancy. How do we know? Margaret feels comfortable asking Janie for help figuring out religion, which is a very important and serious concern of hers. Look at how easy their exchange is, too:

Janie and I had gotten pretty friendly. We were especially friendly in gym because Ruth, the girl who was second in line, was absent a lot. So Janie and I got to talk and once I came right out and asked her if she went to church.

"When I have to," she said.

So I asked her if I could go with her some time just to see what it was like and she said, "Sure, how about Sunday?"

So I went. (10.3-6)

Do you see who's missing from this interaction? Yup—super judgmental Nancy. What transpires here is friendly, supportive, and sincere, and that's all there is to it. Hey, Janie—we like you.

Janie Loomis in Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Study Group

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